The Words Honesty And Truth Have Deep Meaning

The words honesty and truth carry deep meaning. However, those words do not always have the meaning that they should anymore. People let each other down, they do not keep their word, some people are just chronic liars. I have a deep aversion to liars. I was one who was lied to, and lied about. Unfortunately, when you are possibly around people who lie you can get tarred with the same feather. I became aware that certain people would think I was lying when I do not lie. I would get so upset and bent out of shape, until I

realized that not everyone knows me. Also, I have to say some people are judgmental and judge by low standards.

I know that many people are also cynical and do not always believe what they are told. I can understand that, the world is now a place to be wary in.

At times when situations arise and you have to walk away from a relationship, hard feelings can certainly occur. I learned to forgive myself for leaving a difficult relationship. When trust, respect, and honesty are not in a relationship, there is no reason to stay in the relationship. I was able to get away. (though some are not).I even forgave my ex, although I would not want to see him again. I not only felt it was important to myself but to my children, too. They would be the ones to suffer the most. I learned to not talk against him, they could make up their own minds. My children have not seen their father for 15 years, my son is 16 my daughter is almost

20. He chose not to be in their lives.

I am actually a person who has also been told I am too honest. It took me many years to realize what that meant. I have learned (with time) to be more tactful. I try to put myself in other people's shoes and do not judge. A person cannot truly know what someone else is going through. I am the type who is very honest, I believe if someone gives their word, they should honor it. There are times circumstances will not allow for certain things to be done and I think it is important for people to acknowledge them instead of trying to bluff their way through things.

I do not look at the world through rose colored glasses, I am not gullible, no matter how much I prefer dreams. I have been told that certain people think that because I have such a dreamy nature, I do not know what is going on in the world, I do, I know there are circumstances going on that I don't like to think about. However, I think the world would be a better place if there was a bit more honesty in it. Both with other people and within oneself. Sometimes the phrase "the truth hurts", can certainly be the case, but that does not make the fact that people should be honest less true.

Yeah, I kind of went off on a tangent, but an issue occurred that inspired this article. However, I really believe everything I have written tonight.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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