The Big Four Cats

There are many cats in the wild. There are only four which roar.

Lions- Lions are stunning creatures. These big cats live in prides. They are the only cat which are social. Families usually consist of one or two males, several lionesses and their cubs. The lion is the only cat which lives in a group, others are solitary. Lions are called "King Of Beasts" because of their impressive manes. In some studies, the female lionesses preferred the males with darker manes.

Tigers- Tigers are stunning creatures. They are sleek strong animals. There are several varieties such as the Bengal, the Maltese,

The Amur, and the Siberian. Tigers are known by their striped coats. They are normally Orange and white. There are also white tigers which are leichestic, rather than albino. Another interesting color are the blue Maltese tigers. Both orange and white tigers may be born in the same litter. Tigers are skilled hunters. They are also very fond of water.

Leopards- Leopards are large cats. They are skilled climbers. The climbing behavior is not something they are born with, it is something their mother teaches them. Leopards live in Africa and parts of Asia. There are

four varieties of Leopards. The Amur, The Spotted (Either the rich rosette pattern or the black melanistic). The Clouded and the Snow Leopard. The Clouded Leopard is slightly smaller than the Spotted. Snow Leopards are sometimes called the Ghosts of the Mountains. They have tufted feet for climbing and cold.

Jaguars-  Jaguars live in South American jungles. They are very elusive cats. The Jaguar has the strongest bite of the cats. They can bite through camen and turtle. Jaguars have spots and rosettes or are melanistic (black). Jaguars like water and are excellent swimmers. All four of these big cats are critically endangered. In thirty years there will be no more tigers in the wild. Can you imagine not having these animals around anymore? I can not. It would be so sad to hear future generations asking someone if lions were real or if they were a creature of myth.

Not to preach, however, we need to remember that we need these creatures, much more than they need us. The only way to save them is through conservation.

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