The Internet: The Good Side Vs The Bad Side

Internet is everywhere. It seems like these days everything is clearly going to internet. You can shop online< If you want to shop for a big item like a bed, many stores will tell you to use their online outlet. The stores usually only have the floor models.

You certainly have to apply for jobs online, what happened to the days where you would go into a place to look for work. Nowadays many people who do the hiring do so through recruiters, staffing places and such.

You can even renew your ID card, pay bills, and plan a vacation on the

internet. These may be convenient especially for those who might have disabilities, or those of us pressed for time. These things I have been told or noticed in the area where I live.

I sometimes wonder certain things, this is because I have an odd imagination; I wonder how anyone really can be sure if the person they are hiring is the person they say they are. How odd would it be if someone had the same exact name and the person was left a million dollars. I am not talking about identity theft in this instance. I know that there has to be proof yet I am sure that people would be tempted to try to say they are the right person.

While there are conveniences to the internet, there are some

drawbacks as well. My point here, is that with so many people online chatting and using social network sites, Using the internet can be risky, you do need to be careful. On the internet people sometimes act or make claims that are untrue.

Keeping passwords and personal information secure can help however, you hear of such matters as identity theft, or people using the internet to promote scams, I am not saying that crimes will not occur anyway, there will always be dishonest people, just that sometimes the internet makes it easier to reach more people. I am not a paranoid person, I just very strongly believe in personal caution when online, do not give out exact personal information. This sounds like common sense and people should know better, but sometimes they might forget or think well just this once.  This is based on something which happened to someone I know.

If you use an internet cafe or other public computer to do important things make sure to log out properly when you have finished.

On the other hand I like that it is easier to keep in contact with family than we normally would have with out it. It is also a way of communicating with other people.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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