What Does Writing Mean To You?

I have always found writing to be a wonderful way to get things off of my chest, venting I guess you might say. Like many people, I used to keep a journal. However, over time I realized I would use it more to keep a record of things rather than using the journal to record deep secrets or things of that nature. I did find solace in writing when I was frustrated and angry; I also enjoyed writing in other ways as well. It did not matter if the things I wrote were very dark and angry or not; nor

did it matter if I expressed goals or explored my imagination. The point is that when I could not express myself verbally I could with a pen, even if no one was to see what I had written and I would get so lost in writing.

Writing means a great deal of things to different people. Some people write because they enjoy it, others dream of getting rich, and still others write because

they feel they have something to share or contribute.

I would write rambling pieces about worlds I had completely made up. I started telling those stories to people including teachers, friends and family. Those people encouraged me to endulge and indeed write more. I would do so; in fact I think I have written something every day in some manner, since I was a child.

I have been a writer on various online sites now for quite a few years. It has indeed been a new and interesting experience for me. It adds to the knowledge I posess and certainly teaches and instructs me in new ways or styles of writing. I write mostly for Expertscolumn.com and Bubblews.com. I enjoy writing for the sites pretty much although I am writing articles not really fiction which is what I prefer. Do not worry though, I am indeed sometimes working on other projects and other things as many another aspiring writer tends to do.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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  • spark187  26-12-2014

    I write mostly fiction. I have so many people living in my head and they usually decide when they want to come out.

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