Kindle Readers Versus Books

To this day I still enjoy reading a paper back book to an e reader. Many people feel the opposite.

My daughter received a Kindle for Christmas. She has wanted one for some time. My father has one too, It is nice to have on occasion. I have enjoyed using them as well.

Kindles are an e-reader device. People may download books to read for their enjoyment. There are many sizes, shapes and colors a person may choose from. Kindle books are available through sites like

E-books, short for electronic books have been popular for several years now.

I do find; however, that I still prefer to hold the book in my hands and to turn the pages. There are still some good things about

using the Kindle or reader.

For one thing: You don’t run out of room on your bookshelves or book bins.

It is a great way to find to writers. The bad side of that is once you do find them, the books can add up. To be true that can happen at any time. I am being cheeky.

Libraries are also a great way to find new authors. Our local library uses e books as well. The head librarian told me they can be a bit more expensive for the library to acquire than an individual. I found that interesting.

I cannot read on the Kindle when I am eating, I tend to nibble and though many folks do so I am afraid of spilling on it or dropping it in my soup. No I have not done that.

There are so many ways to enjoy reading, using the Kindle which may be used and attached to a desktop or laptop if you have Kindle for


A drawback would be that you cannot loan a book to a friend I don’t think unless you loan them your reader. In turn, you cannot borrow a friend’s book if it is on Kindle.

Fortunately, I live near two people who have Kindle Readers and they do let me borrow their readers. Isn’t that very nice of them?

Luckily, I am a pretty fast reader; able to read a book before the battery needs to be recharged. It has happened though that the thing needs charging before I am finished (though this does not happen very often).

Which do you prefer? The readers or the book, are you perhaps, more like I am where I like both for different reasons as long as I am able to read.

I am an avid reader.

The good thing about the books though, unless you lose the book it will last a long time if properly cared for.

I am not sure and seriously doubt that would happen if something happens to the ereader I am unsure if you can get those books back.

I am not advertising Kindle nor am I receiving compensation from them these are my own opinions about them.

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  • swalia  20-07-2016
    I have a kindle but honestly I don't enjoy reading on kindle. I just read 3-4 books on kindle and it has been lying pretty unused since last two years. I enjoy reading the paper books.
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