The Glam Movement Of The 1980's

A quick look back at the Glam Bands or the Hair Metal bands of the 1980's.

Glam bands of the 1980’s


I was a teen in the 1980’s, at that time the only music I cared for was rock and roll. I really liked what were to become the glam or hair metal bands of that time period. Many of those bands may have spent a little bit of time with the hair metal motif, some embraced that and others do not care for the term hair metal, others dropped out of site after the glam movement ended. To many of those stars though, they were playing rock and roll which I agree with.

There are still

bands that have endured the test of time but many did fall away. That can happen in any music movement.

The glam or hair metal bands were pretty much lost their steam due to the grunge movement of the 1990’s. That is when I started listening to country music.

Here is a list of Glam Metal Bands of that era.


  1. Bon Jovi- They are one of the bands who have endured and stood the test of time.
  2. Poison- They are another where certain members of the band have persevered over time;
    especially lead singer Bret Michaels.
  3. Kiss- I know they are a Rock Band. They however, said in an interview that “during the incarnation of Kiss during that time period they went with the music of the times”. They had songs like “lick it up” and “Uh all night.” Plus they donned spandex instead of leather.
  4. Firehouse- these guys had some songs I really liked. Such as; “Love of a Lifetime” and “Don’t Treat Me Bad”.
  5. Warrant- These
    guys enjoyed popularity at the height of the glam movement. Front man Jani Lane was also a cartoonist.
  6. Slaughter- This lead singer, Mark Slaughter was also a voice character on the show The Animaniacs. They were known for the hit “Fly to The Angels”.
  7. Winger- singer and bassist Kip Winger was the power behind this band.  They had a few songs I really liked “She’s only 17”.
  8. Danger Danger- I still like listening to this band though I think they have had many issues between band members for years. They do not have a song I don’t like.
  9. Def Leppard- these guys exploded onto the scene with their hit album Pyromania. This is another band that has withstood the test of time. True, they have had their share of difficulties with Rick Allen (drummer) losing his arm in a car accident and the death of guitarist Steve Clark. Vivian Campell  joined the band too.
  10.  Van Halen- Yes, I know they are a rock band too, but they embraced the spandex and fishnet era.



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  • Fblaster  30-04-2014
    Thanks for bringing up some old memories. Glam forever :D By the way, don't forget the biggest defenders of Glam nowadays, the (in)famous Steel Panther! Death to all but metal! (Kudos if you get that reference ;D)
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