Words Can Be Powerful


I have always liked words.  I like to use big words, not because I want to appear smarter, but because I like the way they sound or look on the page.  I do not underestimate the power of words.


Words can be used to make one extremely happy or feel very down.   When someone says mean things to you or belittles you it is very painful.  Strangely we seem to say the meanest words to those we care about. We may not mean to be insulting however,  things can be said in the heat of anger that are not easily


Another example is rumors or gossip.  It is unfair that people do this but it is unfortunately human nature.  Untrue gossip can be very damaging it is hard to fight what people are being told.


Words of mouth is a very good way of advertising a company, a new restaurant, a good movie, or a column (such as here on ExpertsColumn).  You could give positive reviews which may make other people want to try these new

things or you could say you had a bad experience with some company or a place had slow service.   People listen to those kinds of things.


Another way words are powerful is through the written word.  Stories, columns, papers, and magazines are important tools.  Whether an article is silly, serious, or makes people angry it still causes certain feelings.  That is the most important power that words have, they make you feel.


Do you know the saying "His word is his Bond". they truly meant. that, used to if one didnt keep their word they could be challenged or shot.  I know that is a very old west point of view.  They did not need a signature on a piece of paper to believe some one was being honest.


Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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