My Reaction To The Latest News About Expertscolumn

I just read the information at the top of Expertscolumn. I am glad they have lowered the payout rate to two dollars in order for us writers to request payment. I am also very glad they are making plans to revamp the site. I wondered if this was the case and am happy that my hunch has been confirmed. I am willing to wait until September to find this information out.

Expertscolumn is good to its members, I have read negative, angry articles. I do have to say I am glad that the administrator has been letting us know what is

going on. This crisis shows those people who have “community spirit” and let things take their course versus the angry people who have difficulty following the rules or show anger towards the site Administrator and Moderator when they have so much to deal with. This reminds me of the adage that when things go great people love you, in times of crises there are certain individuals who are quick to turn on you, though this is not fair it is sadly human nature.

I have read articles where loyal writers of the site maintain interest in

writing for Expertscolumn, whether they can be paid or not. It is a great site to write for. I am a person who judges by how I am treated and what I observe not by what others say. I also have a loyal personality. I do write for other sites, that is simply because I thoroughly enjoy writing.

I started writing online at what was the lowest point in my life (losing your soul mate will do that to you), through writing I have slowly started to come out of the shell and grief I have been dealing with, sites like Expertscolumn have helped me begin the healing process. I am still grieving, yet now I am able to cope better than I was. I do not always go into detail about what has happened to me in life though I also write about subjects that interest me. However, I do I feel that if through my writing I can reach just one individual and touched them, or made them feel they are not alone, I am doing my job as a writer.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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