My Helpful Suggestions For Expertscolumn, I Hope

 I am jumping on the bandwagon. I have read quite a few suggestions by the writers on Expertscolumn, I agree with a few and some I do not. Obviously, the administration can not please everyone and cannot implement all of the suggestions however, I humbly submit a few of my own suggestions.

1. The Individual Profile page could be a bit easier to access. Where we could put a little “about me” information that does not disappear. Also a list on the personal page what seems to be your overall popular articles and posts, sort of like a top five pertaining

to each writer.

2. I think a suggestion of perhaps adding a few extra categories, I am glad they added the pets and animals category. However, if I may suggest; Crafting categories, electronics and decorating ideas. I think the category Recipes should be kept simply because they are a highly popular topic, many people enjoy reading, sharing, trying and collecting recipes.

3. A way to let writers know who enjoys the articles. A way to know who are regular readers and if you get new readers. Sometimes individuals do not care to leave a comment yes I am one who likes to let other writers know I have read work they have contributed. I guess just courtesy and old fashioned curiosity. Yet also a way not to abuse that or try to use that as a way to make people feel they have to read your work. (they should

want to not feel compelled to). Not everything is going to appeal to everyone. It would be a good way to tailor your writings to increase viewership.

4. I don’t think the comments should have to be so long. Yes I do think that more than“nice post” should be used. However if I get really busy sometimes I have done this. I am sure there has to be some happy medium that can be reached. Especially since sometimes the comments can be longer than the column if you get on a roll.

5. I do think a few contests should be implemented, at times just to add extra incentives.

6. A way to have members promote other members reason being that the I know the people on my Facebook do not read my articles (many are family members who tell me writing is a waste of time). Therefore, it does me no good to post the articles on my own Facebook timeline. I know that many people do not really want to post other people’s work on the sites like that ( not all but some seem that way).

7. Help with marketing your work to acquire more readership, there are some goofy writers like me who feel uncomfortable with tooting their own horn, plus we don’t want to get into trouble for spamming.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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