Five Dog Breeds From The Herding Group

For this article, I am writing about members of the herding group, although they were originally bred to work with cattle or sheep they are also highly regarded as guard dogs. This article contains information I learned from watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Belgian Teruvren: This Breed is a guard and herding dog one of the four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd dogs. They look much in appearance like a long haired German Shepherd. Their fur is long and dense. They have a mahogany to fawn with black overlay coat. These dogs are quite adaptable and require

early training and socialization. They are popular showdogs. They, like the German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd are used by law enforcement. 

Malinois: This breed is another of the Belgian Shepherds, they have a shorter coat than the Tervuvren. They are very popular as police dogs. They have the same temperament as the Tervuvren and the German Shepherd.

Groendendael or The Belgian Sheepdog: This breed has a striking face they are very alert, need early socialization yet are loyal to their family. The coat is solid black. They are a long haired dog. This breed needs to be with their family they

can have separation anxiety and be destructive. They need exercise and daily brushing.

The Shetland Sheepdog: Also known as the Sheltie. These are a dog that look like miniature rough coated collies. They are very good family pets. They have thick coats in sable and white, tri colored and blue merle. We had one when I was growing up her name was Sable. She was so intelligent she looked like she would smile at you. She was terrified of thunder though.

King Shepherd: The foundation stock of this breed is German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, and Great Pyrenees. They are a large breed. They are sometimes known as Giant German Shepherds. They look much like a German Shepherd in appearance however they are bred in both long and short hair varieties. These dogs are large and quite active so they need quite a lot of exercise and training.

The King Shepherd is considered a "new breed" they are not recognized in the show ring yet.

Article Written By Tanna Thomas

I have enjoyed writing for various online sites for a few years now. I live in Texas, in the USA

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