Dream Questions

Many people talk about dreams they also ask questions such as:

1.  Do you dream in color? I do. I always have. When I dream I do the same thing as when I read. I am actually there as character or in the case of the books I am an extra character. When I dream I usually can smell things and feel them. Sometimes when I wake up I feel tired if I was running in the dream. I guess that is one drawback of having a very vivid imagination.

2. Do you remember your dreams? I usually do. Especially

since I do dream modes which is basically putting yourself in a dream before you go to sleep I do this to prevent nightmares. I have also found this a great form of meditation.

3. Do you have nightmares? I do have nightmares, in fact I have since I was a child. It is strange, my nightmares do not come from books or tv shows they come from other places or ways. What may be scary for me might not be scary for others. I never have bad dreams about animals however, unless it is an animal being harmed.

4. Do you have recurring dreams? I do this once in a while. When I was young I would have recurring nightmares,

which is why I started to do the dream modes. Luckily, I tend to have good recurring dreams as well.

5.  Do you have prophetic dreams? I guess this would be more of a paranormal question but my honest answer is that yes I have them. The problem is I have them when I am awake. Many people only have them when they are sleeping.

I know these are touchy questions but I don’t really feel ashamed of writing about them, though I have to admit I used to be. I didn’t want anyone to think I was too weird, until I decided it was okay to be kind of weird (it makes me unique, if not kooky).

Dream interpretation. My niece is a person who is very interested in this subject. Many say that the dream does not mean what is being seen. For example; if someone is drowning it can mean they are simply overwhelmed in their lives. In my case; perhaps because I have done dream modes since I was a child, my dreams seem to be more literal.

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Article Written By Tanna Thomas

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