10 Birds Of Prey

Birds of prey are also called raptors. They usually have excellent senses, sharp beaks and talons, and most hunt on the wing.

1. Eagles - are large birds with long, broad wings. There are several species of Eagles. The majestic Bald eagle and the Golden Eagle are so stunning and are Native to North America. The Harpy eagle is one of the largest birds which tend to be quite odd looking. Eagles are revered in several cultures as a symbol of strength and wisdom.

2. Ospreys- are a single species of Bird of Prey which are found world wide. Ospreys are birds

which feedprimairly on fish.They can sometimes be confused with young bald eagles. However they more white plumage on the underbelly. I really enjoy watching nature shows which feature Ospreys, they are very interesting birds. I have only seen Ospreys in zoos they are much bigger than they seem to be.

3. Kites - have long wings and weak legs. They eat insects and carrion. However, sometimes Kites will kill prey in the air.

4. Hawks - are medium sized birds of prey. Hawks live mostly in woodland areas. They have long tight tales. Hawks usually hunt from cover. I live in Texas, Red Tailed Hawks are very common where I live they are extremely interesting to watch.

5. Harriers - they are also members of the Falcon family with more tapered wings and are excellent hunters with wonderful sight and hearing. They live primarily in grassy areas. These are another interesting bird.

6. Falcons- are very swift flying birds. Falcon races use to be very popular. They are

excellent hunters and are the epitome of hunting on the wing. They also have really cool faces. Peregrine falcons have been known to fly long distances and are masters at hunting their prey. They are highly intelligent raptors.

7. Caracas - are a subgroup of the Falcons. Truthfully I don't know much about these Birds.

8. Owls - There are approximately 200 varieties in various sizes and colors, from the tiny Elf owl to giant Snowy Owl. They are all nocturnal and may live in variety of areas. Owls can turn their heads all the way around they also have very large eyes. Owls are thought by some to be a harbinger of death, others thing they personify wisdom. Personally, I think owls are very neat, highly intelligent birds.

When I was little, there were some barn owls where we lived, one of which was very sweet. I did not realize until I was quite a bit older that it was the same owl each spring. She came there to feed. OF course when you are a kid you can be silly that way.

9. Vultures - are a necessary part of ecology. They are nature's garbage service. Some actually look magnificent when they are soaring. Some birds may be featherless and some varieties have the feathers.

10. Condors - are the largest bird in the world. Although they are not very attractive, it is a shame that these birds are almost extinct.

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